2011-06 Charlene Monaco -Lorenz bäumer

Photography by Karl Lagerfeld


A childhood dream becomes reality: participating in the moment when a woman became a princess.

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With Ghislaine Maxwell, my cool friend who started TerraMar.

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Ghislaine Maxwell et LoB janvier 2016[1]
capt grand

I like those who eat diamonds.

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Competition of whiskeys: Scotland vs. Japan

Judged by the grands crus of chocolate by Alain Ducasse, come and participate in this match every day in my boutique.

table boire retouchée
Sèvres Cité de la Céramique

I took my first steps with my mother who painted on porcelain and gave me a taste for this material. The city of ceramic, Sèvres, is a place of alchemy where earth is transformed into Beauty, as if by magic. Welcome to the halls of this beautiful place which speak to me also of my profession.

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The museum of Arts Décoratifs is a place of constantly renewed inspiration. The great artists who are exhibited in the heart of this temple paying homage to art are a continual source of inspiration for me.

Four of my creations are exhibited in the jewelry gallery.

Arts déco
vitrine retouchée copie

The windows of the boutique on Place Vendôme have been transformed into pixelated projections on Ping pong balls, paying homage to the pioneers of surfing, aviation, and cinema.

Come discover this surprising display realized by the artist Fred Sapey-Triomphe !

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The sled of Guy de Mautpassant

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Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz talks to me about Brazil, about the joie de vivre, about admiration and, above all, about the friendship that unites us. This portrait of me was created from that which I am—my creations and the dust of gold. I adore the way that Vik transcends the images and translates them into a language that belongs only to him.

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Garth Knight

Garth Knight re-imagines the photos of my jewels to create wild and mysterious chimera. A dazzling alchemy that I admire.

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Beetle Garth Knight LD