Gem hunt in Asia

As we do every year, we organized this trip
in search of the most beautiful gemstones in

A few of my fantastic finds:

a pink tourmaline
cushion cut, 17.79 carats

according to a Singhalese legend, tourmaline passed though a rainbow, which gave it an infinite variety of colors.

a green beryl
oval, 21.87 carats

I love this stone and its many virtues, the feelings of love and positive thoughts.

a spessartite garnet
cushion cut, 16.11 carats

in Antiquity and even the Middle Ages, it was commonly said that the cosmos was reflected in Nature’s gemstones. Today the garnet would be associated with Mars for its red-brown color.

A small portrait in a tuktuk
to replace my bicycle.

Local and fun
but not too many calories burned… Alas.

How could I not mention a visit to the private home of Jim Thompson that transported me back to the Bangkok of the 50’s.

For shopping aficionados, a 20-minute walk will take you to a lovely boutique where you can purchase the brand’s beautiful silks
that I adore.

Do you have a doubt?
Jim Thompson was an American businessman,
a former member of the secret service,
who settled in Thailand and recycled into the silk industry.
He creepily disappeared in 1967… and the mystery has never been solved.

A little closer than Asia,
the Jim Thompson boutique, located on the left Bank in Paris,
features the brand’s luxurious silks and other fabrics.

The address of Jim Thompson boutique in Bangkok:

1, Wang Mai,
Pathum Wan,
Bangkok 10330

The address of Jim Thompson boutique in Paris:

2 rue de Furstenberg
75006 Paris

Viva the adventure !

Let yourself be tempted
by the delights of
 Thaï street food.

On each street corner,
don’t be afraid to try some
tasty Thai style ginger beef.

If not, then I recommend the
Din Tai Fung restaurant
world renown for its delightful steamed dishes.

This is Taïwanese restaurant,
created by Yang Bingy and his wife Lai Penmei.

In the beginning, nothing predestined the couple to have such success.

In fact, in the 1960s, they founded a business specializing in cooking oil.

But 20 years later, tastes evolved and this type of activity disappeared.

To survive, they gradually move into selling steamed food.

Victim of their success, the couple started a restaurant featuring their lovely and delicious dishes.
Today, their restaurants have become a veritable institution in the domain of steamed delicacies.

Be reassured, for the curious, the gourmands or the wanderers,
a new Din Tai Fung restaurant, much closer than Asia, has now opened in Dubai in the
Mall of the Emirates.

Adress in Hong Kong

Din Tai Fung
G/F, 68 Yee Wo Street,
Causeway Bay

Adress in Dubai

Din Tai Fung
Mall of the Emirates – Level 2
Al Barsha 1

Hong Kong always booming
and in only six months…
another skyscraper.

With my long-time friend,
Guy Bedarida
former artistic director
for the jeweler John Hardy,
we stand before his extraordinary array of Thai temple masks.

A great admirer of Asian culture, each of these masks has been a source of inspiration for his collections… and undoubtedly also for mine.

Thirty masks, from Râmâyana,
“Râma’s Journey”
one of the fundamental texts of Hinduism and its mythology.

The Ramayana is a collection of poems, composed of seven books, relating the tumultuos life of the son of Vishnu, second God of the Hindu trinity along with Brahma and Shiva.

In the Ramanyana’s 24,000 verses,
the adventures of Rama are revealed.

What I especially appreciate is
the conquest of his future wife, Sïtä,
who would later be kidnapped by the ten-headed demon Ravana.

With the help of the general of the monkey army,
Rama rescues her from the city of Lanka,
the current island of Sri Lanka.

Following this difficult quest, Râma recovers his throne,
and governs his kingdom with great kindness..

Inspiration for all of us…

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