Making of of the Ile au Trésor bracelet

Everything begins with the inspiration.

As a child, I had the chance to discover, in my grandmother’s library, the quite extraordinary novel,

Treasure Island,

by Robert Louis Stevenson.

I remember that, while reading this book, the idea gradually came to me about creating a bracelet around a treasure. Later, this became a childhood dream.

This dream came to life the day

I found this fabulous tourmaline.

I discovered it in Brazil
in the city of Belo Horizonte,
located in the southern part of the country.

    After a long negotiation, I finally convinced the owner of the gem to sell me

this magnificent 55-carats green tourmaline,

which he had been jealously saving.

On the return flight home from South America,
I eagerly made the first sketch of the bracelet.

Later, in Paris, the process of understanding
how I would actually design this unique piece began.

I wanted it to truly be extraordinary.

I had to imagine the jewel
in all its tiniest details :
ANTICIPATE the movements of the wrist of the woman who would wear it,
DETERMINE the ideal weight,
ARRANGE each stone carefully,

and the most important :
conceal this wonderful treasure…

It was after more than two months of intense work with my teams, that I was able to see the design of my bracelet for the first time, the bracelet that I had so long dreamed of.

After this, one final step remained :

 each artisan had to contribute with his unique skill to making this design an actual piece of high jewelry.

What it took to create the piece
800 hours of labor in the workshop,
150 hours of stone-setting,
788 gemstones.

In my vision, this bracelet was containing
an extraordinary treasure.

To find it, I designed
a true treasure hunt.

The mysterious hiding place of this treasure is indicated by a map engraved on the inside of the bracelet…

To reveal it, our workshops had to innovate and develop

an authentic watchmaking mechanism,

which, when delicately activated reveals one of Brazil’s emblematic palm trees, and allows the treasure to appear.

I chose this secret as a tribute to the most beautiful treasure :


I would be delighted to have you discover in more detail this extraordinary bracelet in our boutique on the
Place Vendôme

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