The Daguerreotype combines two of my passions: photography and timekeeping. Each person can select the image that he likes for the dial of the watch. The daguerreotype dial evokes a unique image, nearly a hologram, visible only to the initiated at a certain angle. The case of this automatic watch is in gold, sometimes set with round or baguette diamonds.

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I designed this watch to pay homage to water in all its forms. I think particularly of my passion for surfing and the magic of the tube ride. The sun is at midday and each hour is marked by a different level of surf, while the rubber strap evokes the movement of the swell. In the shape of a water drop, the case is made of grade 5 titanium and is ultra-light to save energy with each stroke of the oar. The movement is automatic in order to avoid all stress. The ergonomic design has been thought out down to the slightest detail with an inverted winder, a return for more comfort, night reading, and above all, perfect water-resistance in aquatic sports.


“The stars, it is the stars that guide us.”

I adore this phrase from Shakespeare, which inspired me to create the dial of the watch from a star that has traveled millions of years through space: a meteorite. Each meteorite dial portrays a sign of the zodiac written in diamonds, the most luminous of our earthly stars. This constellation becomes visible in the night, highlighted by a phosphorescent design.


This pocket watch opens with a Pop Up displaying a scene from a fairy tale: the lion and the crab guard the marvelous chateau of the princess, the unicorn flies above the enchanting rainbow, which supports the ladder to climb to reach the moon, while the precious hours are reflected at the bottom of a pond.